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Concrete Raising

Concrete raising, also known as mud jacking or slab jacking, is the newest service provided by CHC. This new technology can save you money by giving you the option to repair concrete problem areas without complete removal and replacement. Most commonly used on settled sidewalks and patios, concrete raising can also remedy sagging foundations and building slabs.

This technique consists of injecting a light weight, high density polyurethane foam under the sunken slab to fill voids, add density to supporting soils and stop unwanted water travel under and through the existing slab. The rapidly expanding foam hydraulically lifts the sunken slab back into position with extreme precision. This method of concrete lifting is superior to traditional mud jacking because it is faster, cleaner, eliminates all concrete grinding, cures within 60 seconds and the injection holes are only 3/8” diameter which makes this the least invasive and most cost effective method in the industry.

Concrete Raising Applications:

  • Heated concrete slabs, sidewalks, paving & patios.
  • Sunken sidewalks that create trip hazards
  • Sunken slabs
  • Uneven or sunken driveways
  • Uneven or sunken concrete structures
  • Sunken & cracked concrete patios

To learn more about this service, view the photos below and contact us for a quote.